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i. History of Billiards
By Sydenham Dixon.
ii. Implements
By Archibald Boyd
iii. Elementary: One-ball Practice
With Memorandum by Dudley D. Pontifex
iv. Motion, Impact and Division of Balls: Two-ball Practice
v. Plain Strokes, Winning and Losing Hazards, Cannons: Three-ball Practice
vi. On the Rotation of Balls
vii. Miscellaneous Strokes
viii. The Spot Stroke.
ix. Safety and Baulk Play
x. Breaks
With Memoranda by Archibald Boyd and R. H. R. Rimington-Wilson
xi. The Championship and the Three-inch Pocket Table
With Memorandum by Russel D. Walker.
xii. The Rules of the Game of Billiards
xiii. Pyramids, Pool, and Country-house Games
By W. J. Ford.
xiv. Miscellaneous Notes
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