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Coursing and Falconry
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i. The Waterloo Cup
ii. A Treatise on Breeding
iii. Practical Greyhound Breeding
iv. Treatment of Saplings
v. The Greyhound in Training
vi. Enclosed Coursing
vii. Some Celebrated Greyhounds of the Past
viii. Opinions of Noted Coursers
ix. Description and Points of the Greyhound
x. Some English Coursing Clubs
i. Introductory—The Modern Falconer—Implemets Used—Glossary of Terms;
ii. The Peregrine—Eyesses—HackingHawks—Training—Game Hawking—Records of Sport—Magpie Hawking
iii. The Peregrine—Passage Hawks—Advantages of—How Caught—Mode of Training—Heron Hawking—Rook Hawking—Gull Hawking—Passage Hawks for Game—Lost Hawks
iv. Gerfalcons—Kite Hawking—Hare Hawking—Merlins—How Managed—Lark Hawking—THe Hobby—The Sacre—The Lanner—Shahins—Sport in India—Other Varieties of Hawks used in Falconry
v. The Short-winged Hawks—Goshawks—How Obtained—Training—Entering—Rabbit Hawking—Various Flights—The Sparrow-Hawk—Management—Blackbird Hawking
vi. Celebrated Falconers—Scotch, Dutch, and English Clubs—The Falconer's Club—Colonel Thornton—The Loo Club—The Old Hawking Club—Amateur Falconers—Famous Hawks—Records of Sport
vii. General Management—Mews—Blocks—Perches—Bow-Perch—Bathing—Condition—Feeding—Castings—Imping—Moulting—Various Diseases—General Hints
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