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i. Introduction
ii. The Dances of Antiquity
iii. The Dances of Savages
iv. The Ritual Dance
v. English Dances
vi. The Dance in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales
vii. Gipsy, Hungarian, Bohemian, Russian, and Polish Dances
viii. The Dance in France
ix. The Dance in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia, and Lapland
x. The Dance in Portugal, Spain, and Italy
xi. The Dances of the East: India, Persia, China, JApan
xii. The Ballet
xiii. The Practical Use of Dancing
From notes by Mrs. Wordsworth.
xiv. Time and Rhythm of the Dance
By Miss Middlleton.
xv. A Retrospect
By the Honourable Mrs. Armytage.
xiv. Balls: Hostesses and Guests
By the Countess of Ancaster.
Description of Dances
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