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Fishing, Salmon and Trout
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A Chapter on Tackle and Fishing Gear
H. Cholmondeley-Pennel
Natural History of the British Salmonidæ
H. Cholmondeley-Pennel
Salmon-Fishing with the Fly. Also a few Notes on Fly-Fishing for Sea Trout
Major John P. Traherne
Fly-Fihing for Trout and Grayling; or 'Fine and Far Off'
Henry Ralph Francis, M. A.
Chalk-Stream Fishing with the Dry Fly
H.S. Hall
Spinning and Bait-Fishing for Salmon and Trout
H. Cholmondeley-Pennel
The Grayling, and Bat-Fishing for
H. Cholmondeley-Pennel
Barbel and Bream
Thames Trout Fishing
Henry R. Francis
Salmon and Trout Culture
Thomas Andrews
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