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Riding and Polo
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By his Grace the Duke of Beaufort, K.G. Etc.
i. Riding to Hounds
By the Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire
ii. The Saddle-Horse
By Alfred E.T. Watson
iii. Training the Young Horse
By Robert Weir
iv. Hints on Horsemanship
By Robert Weir
v. Hands and Seat
By Robert Weir
vi. Race Riding
By Alfred E.T. Watson
vii. The Colonial Horse
By the Earl of Onslow, G.C.M.G. (Governor of New Zealand)
viii. Early History of Horsemanship
By E. L. Anderson
i. The Antiquity of Polo
ii. Polo in England
iii. Polo in India
iv. Rules and By-laws of Polo
v. Ground, Balls, Sticks, Goal-Posts, &c
vi. Breeds of Ponies Suitable for Polo
vii. The Training of Ponies
viii. Some Famous Players and Ponies
ix. How a Polo Match Should be Played
Lessons in Riding
By Robert Weir
Bibliography of Riding 
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