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Sea Fishing
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i. Introductory—Charts, Tides, etc.
ii. Round the British and Irish Coasts
iii. Whippings, Servings, Knots, Hooks, and Sundry Wrinkles
iv. Baits
v. Fly Fishing in the Sea
vi. From Land and Pier
vii. Sea Fishing from Small Boats
viii. Sea Fishing from Yachts and Large Fishing Boats
ix. The Ocean Fishing Rod
x. Low-water Shell Fish and Conger Hunting, Prawning and Shrimping
xi. Surface-feeding Sea Fish
xii. Flat-Sided and Flat-Backed Fishes
xiii. Cod, Haddock, Whiting, Bream, Conger, Sharks, etc.
xiv. The Sea Fisher in Foreign Parts
By William Senior ('Red Spinner')
xv. Tarpon Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico
By Alfred C. Harmsworth
xvi. Whaling
By Sir H. W. Gore-Booth, Bart.
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