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Volume 1.
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i. Introduction
By Sir Edward Sullivan, Bart.
ii. Ocean Cruising
By Lord Brassey, K.C.B.
iii. Corinthian Deep-Sea Cruising
By C. E. Seth-Smith, C.B. (late commanding London Brigade Royal Naval Volunteers)
iv. The Evolution of the Modern Racing Yacht
By G. L. Watson
v. Sliding Keels and Centreboards
R. T. Pritchett
vi. Recollections of Schooner Racing
By Sir George Leach, K.C.B., Vice-President Y.R.A.
vii. The Racing Rules and the Rules of Rating
By 'Thalassa'
viii. Yacht's Sailing Boats
By the Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery
ix. Fitting out a Fifty-Tonner to go Foreign
By E. F. Knight
x. Five-Tonners and Five-Raters in the North
By G. L. Blake
vi. Yacht Insurance
By G. L. Blake
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