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Volume 2.
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i. Royal Yachts and English Yacht Clubs
By R. T. Pritchett, Marquis of Dufferin and Ava, K.P., James McFerran, and Rev. G. L. Blake.
ii. Scottish Clubs
By R. T. Pritchett and Rev. G. L. Blake
iii. Irish Clubs
By R. T. Pritchett, Rev. G. L. Blake, and T. B. Middleton
iv. The Thames Club and Windemere
By R. T. Pritchett
v. Yachting on the Norfolk Broads
By G. Christopher Davies
vi. Yachting in America
By Lewis Herreshof
vii. Yachting in New Zealand
By the Earl of Onslow, G.C.M.G.
viii. Foreign and Colonial Yachting
By R. T. Pritchett and Rev. G. L. Blake
ix. Some Famous Races
By R. T. Pritchett
x. Racing in a 40-Rater in 1892
R. T. Pritchett
xi. Yacht Racing in 1893
By H. Horn
xii. The American Yachting Season of 1893
By Lewis Heershoff
xii. The America Cup Races, 1893
By Sir George Leach, K.C.B., Vice-President Y.R.A.
Appendix: The 'Giralda'
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