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About this site

This site was set up to allow better access to the Badminton Library. It is an interesting collection of sports books that were written by experts in their field. They still may contain valuable information or are an interesting read how a sport was practised in the Victorian era.

Being published over 100 years ago in they are hard to find and often very expensive.

Most of the books from the Library are available on Google Books. However, unless you know what you are looking for, it is hard to find the books.

This site aims to present the library in a more convenient way by presenting the books in PDF format in an organised way. The index of the books is given in plain text and the PDF-files are searchable.

Most of the files are from Google Books, sometimes a link is made to another site (with permission).

This a non-profit site. The proceedings from advertisement go towards purchase of new books and hosting costs.

For reading the files, Adobe Acrobat 7 or equivalent is required.

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